A Mother-Son Review: My Little Pony #54


My Little Pony #54 CoverIn My Little Pony #54, poor bunny Angel is left with the task of managing the over-crowded animal hospital while Fluttershy works with other ponies to plan for the building of the new animal shelter. The task of managing proves too much for the bunny as the animals, from elephants to turtles, go berserk. Soon Angel enlists the help of the Cutie Mark Crusaders who work together to keep the animals busy and content. However, work on the shelter falls behind schedule, and little Angel’s reward for a job well done is to be left in charge of the animal hospital yet again!

My five-year-old son happily read this issue with me. He loved the story and the bright artwork.  He also liked the fact that, although he cannot read yet, he could understand Angel’s communication, because his way of communicating is through pictures. I liked the energy of the story and the way it helps show the way toward reading.

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My Little Pony #54
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