“Sharpe Shooter” Is Full of intrigue and Creativity


Sharpe ShooterIn Sharpe Shooter by Lisa B. Thomas, a deputy at the sheriff’s department in a Texas town near Dallas going through cold case materials discovers the remains of a Jane Doe from 50 years earlier, found in 1964 with a gunshot through the head. Appalled at the lapse in the department, the sheriff gets a forensic anthropologist to reconstruct the skull and the lab to do a DNA analysis, proving that the Jane Doe is really a John Doe. They strike gold in discovering the identity of the murdered man, Matthew. His nearly-100-year-old mother asks her great-niece, Deena Sharpe, a former high school journalism teacher in her late 50s trying to figure out what to do next in her life, to look into the case. Deena’s investigation leads her to meet a conspiracy theorist author, Leon Gault, and this takes her into a web of intrigue.

The plot of this book is really well written, with clever details built up bit by bit that drew me into the book more deeply and deeply. I don’t want to give away any of the plot so can’t go into further details, but let me suffice to say that I found this book fascinating without getting so dramatic that it created tension in me. I listen to my audiobooks to relax me but still keep my mind active, so this book was ideal for my goals. The plot unfolds in a well-drawn manner and is interesting and dramatic.

The characters in this book are very well drawn and creative. I love the strong relationship between Deena and her husband, Gary. After almost 30 years of marriage, they are comfortable with each other and supportive of each other. Gary wants to help Deena find her dreams and fulfill them and looks out for her without being a stifling husband. Deena also has a brother, Russell, who has never been quite normal since returning from Vietnam. He and his next-door neighbor are survivalists and call each other “morgue buddies,” checking in on each other every day in case one has died. Russell also helps out Deena with her detection in a creative manner.

I like the narration of Madeline Mrozek, who reads the book expressively but not overly emotionally. She succeeds in creating believable voices for the senior citizen characters as well as those of all other ages. The smooth reading adds to the quality of the experience of reading this book.

Sharpe Shooter satisfies as a great book with a dramatic plot and strong characters. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and highly recommend it. I give the book five stars!

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