A Mother and Son Review: Walt Disney Comics #738


Walt Disney Comics #738 Cover AI read the five stories in the Walt Disney Comics #378 with my children. The only story in this issue that did not meet with my five-year-old son’s approval was the first one, “Our Lucky Break,” featuring Donal Duck. He could not really pinpoint why he did not like the story, but he said he did not like what Donald said and did. The other stories met with an, “I liked it,” from him as I read them aloud. My two-year-old daughter also listened and looked at the attractive pictures in each story.

In “The Importance of Being Goofy,” we could tell what was happening in the story, even though it was a continuing saga.  The author included important points from previous issues, so new readers can pick up the book without worrying about getting lost.  I appreciated the Brer Rabbit story, because I remember reading Brer Rabbit as a young girl, and it is good to know that the long tradition of “Brer Rabbit” tales continues.

While these are technically aimed at a slightly older age of child, they made good family reading for us, and I recommend them to Disney fans.

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Walt Disney Comics #738
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