Yakuza Demon Killers


 You guys……I’m not sure what I just read. But I freaking loved it. Yakuza Demon Killers is insane. In the best freaking way possible.  This is a compilation of the comic, 106 pages of awesomeness, featuring 1-4. Written by Amit Chauhan, this story brings about the idea of demons in a wholly new way; by adding the Yakuza!

So this story centers around a junkie named Ochita and her only friend, a thief and enabler, Rizzo. (It’s pronounced His-Zoi as he likes to remind everyone). Finding her whacked out on drugs and hallucinating in an alley way, Rizzo drags Ochita into what will turn out to be the worst heist either of them ever made. Also, the last. They break into a museum to steal a sword, but that sword turns out to have magical proprieties and it latches itself to Ochita and that is the beginning of the end for her.

We next meet the head of one of four Yakuza families who have joined together to fight the demons, and if that’s not the weirdest sentence I write today, I don’t know what is. Oh yeah, this; one of the Yakuza men can make a massive elephant grow out of a small ceramic statue. And the massive elephant then eats demons. Yeah, that’s what kind of story this is. Awesome!! The cast of characters is huge and sadly most don’t make it to the end.

It’s hard to give any more info about the story without it being full of spoilers, but I can say, Ochita ends this story not so much a human anymore. And the world is not a place that many humans want to be anymore. And I really, really love the the plot point of chalk being the reason that demons can cross over to our world, because, well chalk. And it makes me giggle thinking that a middle school kid might accidentally get his hands on a piece of magic chalk and open a door to the demon realm on accident. (Yes, I know my mind goes to weird places.)

I’ll leave you with this, I really, really, hope there is more coming. The world building is fun, the characters and their abilities are really fun, and I can’t wait to read more. Everyone needs a little Yakuza Demon Killers in their life.


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