The Ninth Doctor #13


 They say this is the Ninth Doctor #13 but really it is a comic about our favorite pansexual charmer, Captain Jack. Harkness, not Sparrow that is.

We are back with him after Rose found out about his past and how he was a killer for hire for the Time Agency (this happened in that jungle a few issues back). Most of this issue is backstory oh how Captain Jack came to loose his memory for those two years, and what he had been doing that is was probably a good thing he lost those memories. But now that he has them back, he is on a mission to right a wrong. A huge wrong. And as it happens, Nine is there to help him.

We don’t get much of the Doctor in this issue but what we do get is classic Nine. A touch of nostalgia, and a good helping of self loathing which helps him to relate to what Captain Jack is going through. And though he offers to help Jack, all the Doctor gets in return is a fist to the jaw. Sometimes Jack isn’t quite as appreciative as he should be.

I believe (if the cliffhanger is anything to go by) that this issue is setting us up for a really interesting, wibbly woobly time adventure. Two Captain Jacks in one room? People should be worried.

It was a good issue, though I almost feel like it should have been a Captain Jack comic and not the Ninth Doctor, although who knows, Nine and Rose might have a bigger showing in the next issue.  Either way, I am, as usual, excited to see what comes next. Captain Jack has long been one of my favorites and he always makes me laugh.

The Ninth Doctor #13 came out yesterday and is in stores now.


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