A Powerful Family Mystery in “Mischief in Mudbug”


Mischief in MudbugGhost Helena returns in Jana DeLeon’s Mischief in Mudbug, but this time she focuses on helping Sabine, whom we met in Trouble in Mudbug as the best friend of Maryse, the main character and daughter-in-law of Helena. Orphaned as an infant and raised by a great-aunt who claims no knowledge of any other family members, Sabine has long sought out her family and some knowledge of her parents. Just as she has gained a measure of peace about her background, she learns that she has leukemia, making the search for her family become important once again. Thus, Sabine’s mentor, Raisa, hires a private investigator to track down Sabine’s family, using a drawing Raisa makes based upon a picture Helena is able to generate from her look into the other side that she can’t reach. Beau, a former FBI agent and the hottest man Sabine has ever seen, finds her family in a span of only a couple days, but they clearly have some hidden secrets.

This book is a funny book with a good mystery too. Helena just cracked me up throughout the whole book, whether she is eating Sabine’s food while invisible or changing her myriad costumes. I laughed at her “disguise” for sneaking around the hospital, dressed as a nun, despite the fact that only Sabine can see her. One of the funniest incidents involves Helena stealing files from the New Orleans Police Department and pushing along a hot dog cart as camouflage. When you realize that Helena is invisible even to Sabine, the scene becomes wild.

I came to really connect to the characters in this book, all of whom are well-rounded and vividly drawn. I felt I knew each one and could recognize many of them on the street. Of course, though, my favorite character was Helena, who was a whole lot of fun.

I really enjoyed the narration of Johanna Parker in the audio edition of the book. She gives terrific voices to the individual characters and makes the book come alive. I can sense her enjoyment of this delightful book as she reads the whole thing.

I really loved the experience of reading Mischief in Mudbug from start to finish. It began nicely and just got better as it continued. The suspense built strongly and gave the book a strong plot and details of the story and motive. This book greatly impressed me. I give it five stars!

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