Women Rising Presents ‘We Go Higher’ About the Children of 9/11


Delaney Colaio

Women Rising has announced that it will produce the first ever documentary by and about the children who survived 9/11. We Go Higher features Delaney Colaio as she goes on a quest to connect with other children who lost their parents during the tragic events of 9/11. Colaio lost her father Mark and two uncles, Stephen and Thomas, during the terrorist attacks.  The documentary is an attempt to overcome the tragedy with love, piece and forgiveness, while providing a voice to the children.

“I’ve always been defined by 9/11,” said Delaney. “I feel grateful that this film will give me

the opportunity to give my pain a sense of purpose while also sharing what this tragedy has

taught me and other children. We all grieve differently, but this film will show how you can

reach a sense of hope through loss.”

3,051 young people from birth to 18 lost their parents on 9/11. The documentary tells the story of five stories, and that of Colaio. Proceeds from the film will benefit Tuesday’s Children, a response and recovery organization who cares for communities impacted by loss; it was formed after the 9/11 terrorist attack.

“Tuesday’s Children is honored to be a part of this project. It is rewarding to know that some of the children of 9/11 are being given the opportunity to participate in their own way on their own terms about their healing process after losing their parents,” said Tuesday’s Children Executive Director Terry Grace Sears. “There is no greater voice to uphold the American spirit than the children of 9/11 and to show the world how we can rebuild and be stronger than before.”


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