Warlock Holmes – A Study in Brimstone


 So this book, Warlock Holmes- A Study in Brimstone, let me give you the backstory for me. I saw this book at the bookstore a few months back. I almost bought it. It was between this book and a Lovecraft book, and I went with the Lovecraft. Then out of the blue it becomes available to review for this amazing site and I jumped at it. I was super duper excited when the book and it’s sequel arrived at my door. And now, well, I’m not disappointed per say, but…it definitely didn’t live up to the hype I had built up in my own head.

So, I’m going with a solid 3.5 stars. For me this means I liked it, but not loved it. And here is why. I’m a huge Sherlock fan. I’ve read many of the books, multiple times. I watch the movies. I watch the BBC series. I read the books again. And despite how awesome it sounded, I could not quite reconcile bumbling Warlock who is more lucky than smart with super smart Sherlock. I think I thought I could separate more, and appreciate the humor (which I did, mostly) but I really had a hard time.  The paranormal aspect was handled well and I especially enjoyed the Pandora’s Box retelling/mash up. There were some really great areas of this book and they definitely made up fro where I felt it lagged.

Things I did enjoy: The supporting cast! Lestrade as a Romanian vampire was hilarious and Torg Grogsson the ogre was pretty amusing as well. I thought they were used well throughout the stories and always brought the funny.

The format! I really enjoyed that G.S. Denning stuck with the multiple stories in one tome. A Study in Brimstone was around novella length and then the other five were shorts. I think it worked well and kept me interested despite my feeling that it wasn’t quite as awesome as I was hoping.

Watson! It was nice to see him being the smart one. I mean, he always was, but compared to Sherlock anyone would look less bright. In this, he shined.

So, overall, I enjoyed it just not as much as I thought I would. I have the second one and I will definitely be reading it soon for review. Hopefully now that I know the style going in, maybe I’ll enjoy it even more than this one.



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