Bunn and Cole’s ‘The Unsound’ Comic Will Give You a Chill


In issue #1 of The Unsound, Ashli is starting her first day at Saint Cascia Psychiatric Hospital and it is definitely not going as smooth as she had hoped. After arriving ten minutes late, she discovers that not only is the hospital severely understaffed, but someone has been leaving razor blades out where the patients can find them. Things get even creepier when residents and disembodied voices begin to tell her about a red gown and a prince that is watching her. One patient nearly convinces her that she is not meant to be locked up, and another manages to somehow turn his paper plate mask all the way around with his head still attached. Things are most definitely not as they appear at Saint Cascia.

Author Cullen Bunn is setting us up for what appears to be a rather twisted journey, and Jack T. Cole is more than happy to illustrate the ride. At one point the head nurse makes a reference to Ashli not returning for a second day and the new hire seems confused on why she wouldn’t come back. Oh, I don’t know; you just encountered a CPR dummy that spoke to you prophetically and you’ve had more than one patient who keeps saying they’ll see you in a red gown? I don’t know about you, but I’d likely already be on LinkedIn looking for a new career.

The Unsound delights in making the reader question whether what they’ve seen is real or a vision. The first issue provides readers with a great deal of questions. I know I’ll be back looking for answers.

The Unsound is now available from BOOM! comics.



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