Yo-Kai Watch #2


 And we’re back again, me and Juliette with her review of Yo-Kai Watch #2. As last time, this is in her words and how she felt about the comic. She also wanted me to thank the writer, Eric Esquivel, for saying such nice things about her last review.

From Juliette, age 9 –

I really liked it, as always. I like all of your comics for Yo-Kai Watch. Anyway, I really liked that you put in Jibanyan’s back story, about Amy and all that other stuff we get to know about. The thing that I disliked the most was the fact that the enemy, Snartle, says Yer and Ye, Your and Me. I understand that its the way you made him talk, but in my opinion its just annoying. And the art is amazing, just like the cartoon/anime. Its very detailed, too. Other than that, its a really good comic and I enjoyed it. I hope all future readers get to enjoy it too. And I can’t wait for the next one.

Yo-Kai Watch #2 was released on June 7th from IDW publishing. It is available now and is great for middle grade age readers. 4.5 stars from it’s target audience.


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