“Mint Cookie Murder” Is Even More Fun than the Previous Book!


Mint Cookie MurderMint Cookie Murder by Leslie Langtry is a terrific sequel to Merit Badge Murder. Merry Wrath and her best friend, Kelly, lead a girl scout troop together, and it’s time to sell Girl Scout Cookies. No problem. Merry’s former CIA partner owes her big time, and it seems that the employees at Langley love cookies more than anyone anywhere in the world. Merry will be able to fund lots of cool gadgets for her troop now! But life gets more complicated when her doorbell rings and Merry answers, only to find a man in his death throes on her front stoop. The man is Lenny Smith, a man who had sold classified information to the enemy and just escaped from the SuperMax prison in Colorado. With him is a cat who looks just like Hitler, making Merry want to name him Kitler. However, her friends talk her out of the name, causing her to name him Philby after a famous spy against the British for the Soviets in the Cold War, since she doesn’t know whose side the cat is on. Adding to the chaos is the sudden appearance of a well-known assassin named “Bobb with three Bs” who makes life even more dramatic, and every time someone says his name, Philby hisses angrily. One might think that life couldn’t get any more dramatic, but of course it does.

This book was so much fun to listen to. I enjoyed the previous book so much that I couldn’t wait to get to the next book in the series, and I was not disappointed. The plot had even more humor than the previous book, and it was well crafted. The scenes with the girl scouts particularly made me laugh, as the girls want to get a chance to learn more about weapons and think Merry is awesome. The scenes with Merry’s pulling strings to get cookies sold really made me laugh.

I especially loved seeing the dynamics among the characters. In so many books, the author fills the space by creating many characters, but in doing that, it is nearly impossible to make each fully round. But this book has just four main characters, with a few more secondary characters who are deliberately secretive because this is, after all, a spy novel. Merry has been dating Rex, the detective who lives across the street from her, for several months, but she feels that things are not progressing further between them. Things have become routine already, as they see each other once a week, on Saturday evenings, when they eat pizza and cuddle in front of Rex’s television. When Rex’s ex-girlfriend comes to town and he takes this glamorous woman out to a fancy dinner, this just serves to heighten Merry’s insecurities, leading her to turn to her former CIA partner, Riley and adding to her sense of guilt. Further, the character of Philby adds to the fun of the book.

Bailey Carr once again does an excellent job of performing the audio version of this book. She has a real sparkle in her voice to make this book all the more enjoyable. The book truly comes to life in this audiobook.

I thoroughly loved Mint Cookie Murder, even more than I loved the first book in the series, which I gave five stars. This book has more humor to it than the first and a lot more great details. I give this book five plus stars!

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