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Volcanoes, Fire and LifeIt is a wonderful idea to take solid science and present it in the form of graphic novel. The Science Comic series is carefully checked by experts in the area covered by each book, so the information is correct. Volcanoes, Fire and Life, one of publisher First Second’s Science Comics,┬áteaches the vocabulary and concepts related to volcanoes in a dynamic manner.

The story begins with a small team of people looking for sources of fuel to help keep their tribe warm. The earth has become a frozen wasteland, and each tribe must struggle to find burnables in abandoned buildings. As the team travels, looking for material to gather, they arrive at an old library. Before burning the books, the team members use their advanced technology to scan the information each book contains.

It is in one of the books that the main character, Aurora, discovers volcanoes. She passes the night learning about their types, composition, explosions, famous examples, and other important information. The next day, her enthusiasm overflows as she tries to convince the other members of her team that volcanoes could be the solution to her tribe┬┤s desperate struggle for warmth.

The graphic novel teaches us, the readers, all about volcanoes through Aurora. As she tries to persuade her skeptical team of the potential of volcanic power, she uses her technology to project charts of volcano types, pictures of different volcanoes, and vocabulary with its corresponding explanation.

My only problem with the book is that I didn’t care for the drawings of the people. Sometimes the facial expressions did not make much sense to me, and I was puzzled by the visor or hair or something that always covers one eye of the team leader, Pallas. However, considering the interesting manner the information is presented otherwise, I still recommend the book as a great way to teach about volcanoes.

Volcanoes, Fire and Life came out from First Second Books in August and is available now.

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