Anno Dracula #4


 Well, Wednesday is really in for it it, isn’t she? Her comrades, The Days of The Week have apparently fallen under the spell of Christina Light, and have all lost their dang minds. this issue of Anno Dracula has Wednesday being labeled a traitor (which she is not), being rescued by a masked stranger who only speaks french, and then turning herself into the guard in a mad attempt to do the right thing.

It’s all a big mess but you know, it’s kinda amusing.  The actual traitor hasn’t been shown to the Days yet, and it almost makes me wonder if he convinced Christine Light it was Wednesday to draw attention from himself? That may be convoluted, but considering the story arc, I almost wouldn’t be surprised. Either way, Wednesday is caught red handed, in what looks to be a perfect set up and the tower doesn’t go boom. Dracula doesn’t get dead.  In the end, it appears that perhaps there may be more than one traitor among the Days. Maybe only Wednesday is the only member who is still trying to take down Dracula? Who knows at this point? I’m just glad that I am along for the ride…because it is so dang amusing.

Some of the highlights of this issue is seeing Count Olaf pop up in random background scenes. Him and all his awesome coated glory. Also, I loved the nod to George Melies and his A Trip To The Moon. The art of this comic never ceases to delight me, and the moon was just an added extra bonus this week.

I can’t wait to see what will happen next. I’m fairly certain Wednesday will find a way to get free, but will Penny believe her? Will Dracula ever be toppled? Who knows, but hopefully we’ll find out soon.


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