Penny Dreadful: The Awakening


 Okay, so I gotta say, I’m not at all sure what this cover has to do with this comic inside, but it sure is pretty. And moving on….this issue is the third of four in the Penny Dreadful: The Awakening arc.

We finally get the backstory to what is going on with the monsters who haven taken over London. As Lyle says early on in this issue, it’s almost Shakespearean.  Amun-Ra, Belial, and Amunet are in a serious love triangle and nothing short of the end of the world is at stake. In this mythology, Amun-Ra is the precursor to Dracula, that fiend who was after the lovely Miss Ives. And because her love for Belial angered Amun-Ra, Amunet ends up dead. I mean, there is a lot of death, purposeful or not, in this series. Now the sequence is repeating itself. The heart of the one who loves the mother of darkness is needed. So if I where Ethan Chandler, I’d be on the lookout for zombies who want to carve me open.

With only one issue left in this arc, I feel like we may not get a satisfactory ending. There must be a battle, right? A final battle for all of London and well, humanity. But that seems like a lot to put onto one single issue. I hope I’m wrong though, and we do get it good finale. I’m interested to see how Malcolm handles the chance that Miss Ives may be resurrected.  I’m also curious whether the trip to the cabin with the good doctor made it possible for Ethan to control the beast inside, it appears he might have need of it very soon.

There is so much going on in this short arc that I really hope to be wowed by it’s conclusion. Either way, I’ll be back with it next month to see what happens. No way I’m giving up now.


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