The Past Comes to Haunt Merry in “Marshmallow S’more Murder”


Marshmallow S'more MurderMerry Wrath‘s girl scout troop has won a trip to Washington, D.C. for having sold the most cookies ever in the history of the Girl Scouts in Marshmallow S’more Murder, the third Merry Wrath book by Leslie Langtry. With Merry’s CIA background and her Senator father’s influence, these scouts get a trip unlike any before them. While visiting the First Lady, Merry gets a quick phone call from her former partner and handler, Riley, begging for help before hanging up. And this leads Merry to some dramatic events in D.C., which includes taking the dozen girl scouts to Langley, the headquarters of the CIA, where they meet up with Merry’s good friend Maria, who helps out Merry and her scouts.

This book takes a lot of wild turns, including getting stalked by Mr. Fancypants, the king vulture nicknamed that by the girls and who has escaped from the zoo. In taking a trip to the Japanese embassy with her father, Merry meets up with a woman she discovers to be the daughter of Midori Ito, the Japanese head of a crime syndicate whom Merry found dead in her kitchen in Merit Badge Murder. Even more sadistic than her mother, “Baby Ito” is certain that Merry and Riley killed her mother. This leads Merry in a crazy trip into the past that she must resolve before she can get her life back.

This series is a real delight to read, whether in print or on audio, and this book does not disappoint. I laughed out loud at certain parts, especially those involving Mr. Fancypants. The plot really held my interest, to the extent that I didn’t actually get any sleep last night because I couldn’t turn the book off! The girl scouts are starting to develop real characters instead of just being a dozen nondescript girls. I also really enjoyed getting to know Maria, whom we met briefly in the previous book.

Bailey Carr continues in doing an excellent job of narrating this series. She really exudes the personality of Merry and gives good voices for each character, making the children in the Girl Scouts sound realistic. I really enjoyed the listening experience of this book.

I highly recommend Marshmallow S’more Murder as a book that is so much fun, with a fascinating mystery filled with adventure in it. The series seems to grow in its quality as it goes, and I can’t wait to get to listen to book four! I give this book five stars!

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