Twelfth Doctor- Beneath The Waves (the conclusion)


 This is the conclusion of the Beneath the Waves arc and it was fun. Super fun. Punk for the win!! In this issue, Hattie and the Doctor go under the sea to learn the truth of the seaweed golems. Once they know the truth, they can begin to help. It’s what the Doctor does best, after mucking stuff up of course.

The art in this issue is so beautiful. Heads and shoulders above any other Doctor Who comic I’ve seen lately.  So a huge shout out to Mariano Laclustra, for doing a beautiful job.

I really enjoyed that the basic theme of this story arc is that music saves. Or, I guess, it might be to appreciate what you have. Either one of them is a good realization to come away with.  It was fun to see the Doctor playing guitar with Hattie. A direct nod to the tv series run of Peter Capaldi, who is amazing. He’s been forever linked to that guitar now,  so it was nice to see it translate to the comics.

I’m sad to see this arc end. I thought the story was well written and I really liked the seaweed golems as a monster of sorts. I really hope that the next arc will be just as fun.


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