World War Tank Girl #3


 Can I share a secret with you? It’s really hard not to swear when talking about Tank Girl. I keep having to edit out my reviews, because the swears, man, they just appear. So, now that I’ve shared my little secret with you, I will endeavor to gush over Tank Girl without my favorite words.

So, World War Tank Girl #3…the band is back together! With the finding of Sub Girl half dead and hanging from a parachute in a tree, all of our group is finally together. Add to that, that the gang ran into Zulu on the way to Sub Girl, and it appears that we have everyone needed to get Tank Girl and Co back to their own time. Maybe? Not sure. What I am sure of, is there was an entire battalion of women tank mechanics who were going to get slaughtered by Nazi’s until Tank Girl showed up.

Generals Martin and Landeau (snort..) had no soldiers to man the tanks, only some women hanging around to fix the tanks and the nonexistent soldiers.  Well, Tank Girl was having none of that. She led those nurses and mechanics into battle and won. Because that is what Tank Girl does. She convinces folks to do stupid things, and it almost always ends up working out. I loved, LOVED seeing all the women making a mad dash toward the Nazi’s in their brightly colored tanks. It amused me the reactions from the Nazi’s “It is girls! Girls in tanks!” If I had been drinking, I probably would have choked I laughed so hard.

I’m not shy about my love for Tank Girl and these comics do not disappoint. I cannot wait to see what happens in the fourth issue. Do they make it home? Or do they stay and kill more Nazis? Who knows?


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