“Spinning in Her Grave” Sees a Shooting at the Weaver’s Cat


Spinning in Her GraveBlue Plum is having its annual historical festival in Spinning in Her Grave, Molly MacRae’s third Haunted Yarn Shop Mystery. This festival highlights local arts and crafts, so The Weaver’s Cat features prominently in the festivities, with the members of TGIF, Thank God It’s Fiber, the select group of fabric enthusiasts, doing special demonstrations on spinning yarn from various types of fiber, even including dog fur. The town always holds a special play to commemorate the “Piglet War” of 1859, but this year the new head of the play wants to spice things up, with guns stationed throughout the town. But Kath, the new proprietress of The Weaver’s Cat since her grandmother passed away and left her everything, is less than amenable to having guns pointed out her upper window and rejects the request. But then as the play progresses, Kath overhears teens talking about how realistic a dead person in the play performs her job, but Kath knows better. Reva Louise Snapp, a highly unpopular woman who has caused all sorts of trouble for anyone who dares to go into business with her, is definitely dead.

As previously mentioned in Last Wool and Testament, Kath has inherited not just her grandmother’s property, but also her special gifts, which includes being “a little bit of a witch,” to quote “Crazy Ivy,” in her letter to Kath in the first book in this series, As such, Kath gains insight into the emotions of those who recently have been in close contact with a fabric when she touches the fabric. Further, she has inherited Geneva, the ghost who lives in the attic of the Weaver’s Cat, and who has fun trying to help Kath solve the murders that she has become known among her friend for doing. The gift of recognizing emotions tied to fabric shows Kath terrible confusion and anger coming out of Reva Louise. Outed as a thief with a record for embezzling from a church where she volunteered, of all places, Reva Louise evidently has made few friends. And what the police assume to be manslaughter as a result of a gun’s accidentally going off proves to be intentional murder, with the killer’s having committed this murder from the upstairs window of The Weaver’s Cat. Someone has just messed With the wrong group of people! With this personal connection, Kath determines to work with her TGIF friends to find the solution, since they have no faith in the police department’s ability to do so.

This book is a great addition to the Haunted Yarn Shop Mystery series. The books are all enjoyable and have great characters as well as plot. The storyline was creative, with an interesting solution. I especially love the details of the relationship between Kath and Geneva. The ghost will listen in on conversations  and relay details to Kath. She likes to speak out about ongoing conversations, which causes all sorts of problems for Kath, who tries to avoid looking strange by seeming to talk to the air while not upsetting Geneva  by ignoring her altogether.

I really loved the narrative of Emily Durante, who does an excellent job performing this book and playing the parts of the different characters of the world, whether female or male, live or ghost. I could readily picture every action and word of each one in ttee book.

To someone new to this series, i recommend that a new listener start with book one, Last Wool and Testament, but Spinning in Her Grave; will not leave listeners completely lost if they start with this third book in the series. And those continuing the series will get plenty of enjoyment from the book. It kept me going with fun fascination, and I give the book five stars!

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