Interview with a Narrator: Lia Langola


 Lia LangolaLia Langola is a sex-positive audiobook narrator. She loves the pleasure of narrating quality erotica/sexy stories that encourage thoroughly pleasurable aural experiences, while having a great sense of fun about it!

And… from having worked in an adult novelty store for several years, books involving sex education are a personal favorite. She was regularly asked how to talk, stimulate, fantasize, kiss, touch, feel, and orgasm by oneself and with lover(s). With these audiobooks, she can continue helping people share all the wonderful things that consensual, safe sex can be by encouraging listeners to have an amazing experience.

How did you get started narrating audiobooks?

A friend of mine from my theater days suggested I give audiobooks a try. I used to work in an adult novelty shop before my daughter was born and I missed helping people with specific issues. I’m comfortable with sex and sexuality and I genuinely want everyone to enjoy this wonderful experience of human sexuality.

You specialize in romance books and sexual self-help books. Does the explicit content ever make you feel awkward having to give expression to them?

No. I’ve narrated stories that may have pushed me out of my comfort zone but I look at that as a challenge to push myself as a performer. Specifically as it pertains to self-help books, you want to help the listener to become more comfortable and confident in their sexuality, to feel less awkward when it comes to expressing their sexual desires. I have my own insecurities over body issues etc., like everyone else, but in the booth, I am the most confident and supportive friend you can hope to have.

And like all erotic narrators, I have a clearly defined line as far as subject matter. I won’t do anything that glamorizes sexual assault or victimization. Anything that normalizes or fetishizes such behavior is a big no for me. I am not a proponent of the “rape fantasy”.

Maybe this is too personal, but does reading so much erotica ever make your own life seem less exciting? Or does it spice it up?

Ahem… well, truth be told, my life makes erotica seem less exciting. (Tosses hair over shoulder!). Lol. I am a very happy and lucky woman, if I do say so myself. The hubster and I fare pretty well by comparison, and on the up side we seem to have more fun and laughter, and that makes it even better. Going back to my days working in an adult novelty shop, my husband calls me his “Babe in Toyland.” Yes, I’m one of those people who would bring their work home with them.

How do you prepare to narrate a book?

First, I read the text and make notes on the characters to reference as I start recording. I also research words/terms that I may be unfamiliar with so I can be sure to say them correctly. Then when I get to the sex scenes, I cross reference my notes with my husband’s regarding the time we did the exact same thing. . . . I’m all about keeping it real.

How do you decide what voices to use and how do you keep them all straight in your mind as you go?

That list I make when I first read the manuscript is HUGE help! Especially when there are several books in a series. It makes it easier to recall the characters who may have been minor in Book 1, but are the main focus is Book 5. It’s important to track those things for continuity.

Many names have different pronunciations to them. How do you choose which to use?

I research the options, then ask the author/publisher to indicate the correct one to use.

What is the work process like? Do you go to a studio to record or work from home?

Fortunately, I have a home studio, so I just walk from one room to the next to record. Okay, there are stairs involved, so that can be exhausting. (Ha!) I have daily rituals, like researching, prepping my work load for the day, responding to emails/social media, vocal & body warm-ups before I sit down for a session. And most importantly, exchanging messages with the hubster as to whether we’ll be eating lunch in or out, and what our plans are for dinner. The last part is extremely important so that I’m not distracted once the record light goes on.

What do you enjoy reading for fun? Does that differ from your preference in what you like to narrate?

For fun, I like to read non-fiction books on different subjects. (Reading one on snails now. . . odd, yet fascinating stuff!), and general fiction, and fantasy/sci-fi. But I will read anything that strikes me as interesting.

What is your favorite part about narrating audiobooks?

I enjoy so much of it! But a favorite is when it is completed and up for sale, to see so many people enjoy the story I have the privilege to tell. Plus, it’s like performing a one woman show every day, for a single person, who isn’t really a person, but is instead a microphone that seems indifferent to my performance. But I’m sure if the microphone was truly honest, it would admit that it has pretty good life listening to me all day. I am amazing company.

You can learn more about Lia at the follow sites:
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Interview with a Narrator: Lia Langola
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Interview with a Narrator: Lia Langola
Lia Langola specializes in narrating audiobooks with sex-positive messages that promote positive erotic experiences.
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