Kill Shakespeare- Past is Prologue: Juliet


 Kill Shakespeare is quickly becoming  a comic addiction. I love, love this story and how the writer, Conor McCreery, is mixing up all the well known Shakespearean characters.

This issue picks up with Juliet and her newly hired Moor being led blindfolded on the backs of horses. Also, The Moor’s horse speaks, which I love. Here we meet Cassio, the Moor who’s name is not actually Cassio (spoilers!). We also meet the Prodigals, a group of resistance fighters who are taking on Cornwall and Richard. The scenes in the camp of the Prodigals are amazing. Seeing Juliet learn to fight and pick it up so quickly is amazing and a push for me to get my own Juliette to learn some self defense. Because it doesn’t take long for our young Capulet to be called out by some of the other kids. She fights, and she wins, and it is super fun to see.

The camp is not to be their final safe place however, when Leonardo arrives and spots not really Cassio, the end is nigh. And not just for their place to stay, but for the pair of them as well. Being outed for who he is, pushes not really Cassio back to the drink which in turn pushes him into being mean to Juliet and then the eventual betrayal. I almost saw it coming, and that is my only complaint about this story to date. A man on the run, pushed against the wall, is not going to make good decisions.

This story is so well written, and I would hazard a guess that the writer and creators are probably big Shakespeare nerds, which is pretty cool. I can’t wait to see what is going to happen next; what exactly does Cornwall want with Juliet? and What happens to not really Cassio? I’ll be tuning in to see for sure!


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