The Power of the Dark Crystal #3


You guys, forgive me. This month has been so wonky and I missed so much. I’m trying to play catch up now and that starts with one of my absolute favorites, Power of the Dark Crystal. This is the third of what will be twelve and it picks up right were the second ended. Thurma has shattered the crystal and the Skeksis are back. I’ve always been a fan of the Skeksis, I mean I know they’re the bad guys, but they’re pretty cool bad guys.

Also, at this point, if they do harm to that stupid power hungry Gelfling priest, then I’m okay. Also, the Skeksis say cool things like “Doom makes me hungry.”

In this issue we get more of Aughra who is also one of my favorites. She does this cool thing where she pops out her eye for her companion animal to go and see for her, and I always find that to be a fun way to get something accomplished. ┬áThe jury is still out on Thurma though. I appreciate she is trying to save her people, but I’m not sure that her attitude endears her to me. When she meets up with Kensho she doesn’t admit what she has done, and then when he discovers the shard, she still asks him for help. So even though she effectively destroyed his home she still wants and expects him to help her save hers. I think this might a test to their budding relationship. Although the Gelfling world is definitely in need of some help, since it’s being run by a basically corrupt religion, I’m not sure the answer was bringing back the Skeksis. I could be wrong though.

I consistently look forward to these comics and hopefully won’t be late this coming month, so stay tuned to see what happens next!


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