Death Note trailer release


Well, the new Death Note adaptation from Netflix  has a trailer, and well, to say folks aren’t happy, is an understatement.  I watched, fascinated, yesterday the comments on the trailer release and fans of the anime and manga have a lot to say, and none of it good.  Take a look for yourself.

Now that you’ve seen it and formed an opinion, let me tell you how I felt. Excited. See, my secret shame (which isn’t so secret and not really shameful) is that I just have gotten into anime about two years ago. I was Netflix surfing and found Attack On Titan and I was hooked. So I don’t know Death Note. I’ve not read the manga or watched the anime, so to me, this trailer is cool. I’m definitely going to watch the movie. And then on recommendation from other FGN writers, I will watch the anime, cause apparently, it’s better.

And here’s my hope, maybe, like me, other people will find this and then decide to watch the anime or read the manga. And how is that a bad thing? We all want people to like the things we like, and perhaps this movie will bring more people to the Death Note fandom. I mean, yeah, I get there is a casting issue, and it’s probably not close to the anime you guys all love, but it looks kinda cool, doesn’t it? Plus, hello…Willem Dafoe!!

Also, people, I am known for not being a fan of remakes, but I guess since I’m not a big fan, it doesn’t bother me so bad. And also, please don’t think I mean to downplay the fans ire, I get it. I really do.



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