“Movie Night Murder” Is a Terrific Murder Mystery with Lots of Laughs


Movie Night MurderLeslie Langtry writes another successful book in her fourth Merry Wrath Murder Mystery, Movie Night Murder. Merry is horrified to learn that girl scout sleepovers don’t actually involve any sleep, so she wakes up with bright pink bangs and a pink mama cat. Her lifelong best friend and joint troop leader, Kelly, is really angry with Merry. But how was Merry to have known in the previous book, Marshmallow S’more Murder, that the woman who volunteered to join them as a chaperone in Washington, D.C. was a stranger? But then at the height of Kelly’s anger, Merry opens the door, only to have the woman who tagged along with them fall dead right on top of her.

This leads to all sorts of excitement, drama, and humor. A missing body leads to the search for the newly found woman who has disappeared again. Then there is the hunt for a terrorist and the need to figure out the source. Riley, Merry’s ex-CIA partner, gets sent to deal with the situation and gets so enamored with the new medical examiner that he offers two of Merry’s kittens to her. Life is a wild adventure.

This book made me laugh all the more than the previous three books. I thought the plot was creative and well-done. But the best part about these books is the amazing cast of characters. The girl scouts are a lot of fun, with their excitement over searching out terrorists and their crazy enthusiasm at the lock-in.

Bailey Carr reads the audio edition of the book. I personally found her narration to be enjoyable. I like the voices she uses and think she does a good job overall of performing this book. However, my mom actually quit listening to the first book, Merit Badge Murder, because she was annoyed by the narration.

I just loved this book and thought Movie Night Murder to be a great book. All the book stems clearly from the overnight lock-in, even the potential threat to the President of the United States. It made me laugh out loud and enjoy the creative plot. I give the book five stars!

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