Quince #6 and #7–A Mother and Son Review


The saga of superhero-dome continues for 15-year-old Lupe as she struggles through her sophomore year. Her powers are many and varied, but they also cause great inconvenience as they clash with normal life.  Her grandmother is a strict teacher and always reminds her of her responsibility towards those in need.

Yes, Lupe is wildly popular on social media, but she can´t even find time to complete her homework. Her highschool crush has a major crush on her superhero self, but doesn´t really notice ordinary Lupe.  He asks superhero Lupe to the homecoming dance, but she can´t attend, because her grandmother “knows she will do the right thing” considering that someone might be in need during the dance, and “she would never forgive herself” if she was not around to save them.

Lupe is hailed as a savior when wearing her superhero costume, but yelled at by the boy she rescues from bullies when dressed in her normal clothes. All this, and she almost never finishes a meal or sleeps through the night, because duty constantly calls.

Being a superhero has its drawbacks for certain, but there are the good moments, too.  Because she has no time for homework, she is failing all her classes. Assuming she needs a tutor, her parents hire the boy she has a crush on.  That, she definitely doesn´t mind!

Since the comic is tongue-in-cheek serious about what life really would be like for a superhero, my only question about the art story is why Lupe has not lost any weight throughout the series.  I understand, and appreciate, the artist´s desire to stay away from stereotypes of superwomen (all skinny, except for in bust and hips, right?), but with all the exercise Lupe is getting, and her comments throughout comics 6 and 7 about always being hungry, I do think she´d slim down a bit.  I do not mind her full figure, I´m just saying that a little slimming would fit with the new exercise and lack of eating, and she could make some half-sarcastic comment about (slight) weightloss being one of the perks of her hard work.


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