A Haunted Apartment Building in “The Thin Wall”


 The Thin WallHaving uprooted her life from Washington to Denver in the hopes of getting custody of her son, Fiona settles into the Corona Heights apartment complex and finds herself in a creepy building in E.M. Parker’s The Thin Wall. After having been arrested for drunk driving with her son in the car, Fiona’s  life hit rock bottom, forcing her to face her alcoholism and other issues. But the apartment keeps drawing Fiona’s attention. Her next door neighbors, Natalie and Noah, get in screaming matches in between their loud metal music that drives her crazy, while Fiona has conversations with Olivia, Natalie’s 10-year-old daughter, through the very thin wall separating their bedrooms. Then the janitor who lives down the hall turns up dead, apparently of suicide, but with some questionable features.

This book is filled with intrigue and creepy details. I kept asking myself whether the strange events were real, with a natural explanation, or supernatural. The details sometimes made me shiver.

Anna Castiglioni performs the audio version of this book. I really appreciated the way she had tears in her voice when characters were crying and almost made me cry. She has a unique voice and empathizes with the characters in her narration. She helped to bring me more deeply into the story.

The Thin Wall does a lot to keep the readers drawn to the story in this book. The character of Fiona comes across as a very real woman dealing with the challenges of life and determined to turn over a new leaf. I don’t usually like creepy books, and this wouldn’t be my first choice of listening material, but I was pulled into this book, almost against my will. I give it four stars.

Disclaimer: I received this book for free from the narrator, but that in no way affected my review of it.

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