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2017 brought with it the release of the ALL NEW Fathom comic series by Aspen Comics. As a long time fan of Michael Turner (may he rest in peace) I was pleased to see this new take on Aspen Matthews, marine biologist and sea faring humanoid extraordinaire! Five issues have already been released in this new series and I have had the chance to read four of them.

What’s my take on this reboot? I LOVE it. This comic takes everything that Michael Turner built up before his passing and expands upon it with a new, more modern perspective. There are jokes about comic conventions (where attendees start dressing up like the “mermaid” who saved San Diego from an angry sea man), allusions to how fast social media spreads new information and comments on humanity’s impact upon the ocean. Oh…and don’t get me started on the illustration! Lovely colors, strong inks and gorgeous character styling only adds to the remarkable power of this comic series.

If I HAD to complain about something it would be text bubbles. Seriously, there is WAY too much text on each page of these comics. The story is absolutely necessary but I feel as though maybe extending the scenes a little would not detract from the message being presented. Instead, it would help the reader become more involved in the plight of Aspen and friends. Reducing the amount of text would also improve readability AND leave more space for those lovely artistic renderings.

For those who have NOT read Fathom here is a synopsis: Aspen Matthews is a marine biologist who is dragged into ocean drama. By ocean drama I mean to say that there are warring factions of sea faring humanoids (think Aquaman with advanced science and technology) and Aspen happens to be Royalty of one of these factions (called “The Blue”). The Blue want Aspen to take her rightful place among her people as leader and Aspen just wants to be a marine biologist, caring for the ocean and hanging out with her human counterparts (Chance and Tyler). Needless to say…Aspen does not get her wishes. Instead she becomes and accidental super hero and blows the cover of her species. So much for staying “under the radar”.

I HIGHLY recommend this series. The original is fantastic and can be found online at Aspen Comics or at most comic shops. The new series is also available online and in store. If you like the ocean, enjoy a super hero comic and want to witness advanced technology in the hands of what equates to Atlanteans then you WANT TO READ Fathom.

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All New Fathom
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