Watch Out! Helena Is Back! In “Resurrection in Mudbug”


Resurrection in MudbugAs the group of friends in Resurrection in Mudbug by Jana DeLeon might draw back in horror to  exclaim, “She’s ba-a-ack!” They thought they were rid of Helena when, a year later, the obnoxious ghost has now returned to their lives. She has annoyed God and gotten kicked out of heaven. The people who can see Helena get a scare when Maryse’s cousin, Jaydn, the new game warden in Mudbug, sees Helena. They have noticed that no one ever sees the ghost until that person is in serious risk of losing her life, so they fear that Jaydn may be in danger.

Things get wild when, on Jaydn’s first day on the job, she gets called to a frenzied scene: A group of locals are frantically trying to snatch bags of money floating in the bayou next to a group of sleeping alligators. Even when the gators wake up and start moving towards the people, the people still don’t stop trying to forage for the money, so Jaydn takes the only recourse she can imagine. She shoots each of the bags of money to force them to sink into the muck and take away the incentive for people to be in the bayou. This really amuses Colt, the sheriff,  setting the stage for a love/ hate relationship between the two.

At this point, the team of people who can see Helena assign the ghost to stay by Jaydn’s side and alert other people of danger. But Helena is not known for keeping her calm and always panics, creating mayhem in her wake. Those scenes are some of the funniest. And Helena changes costumes all the time, sometimes disturbingly, such as her dress made of salad, which she munches as she goes.

The book is very funny, and I appreciated that while there is romance, the book does not have any graphic sex scenes. While DeLeon is effective at writing such scenes, the types of people who like to read such books, namely fans of cozy mysteries, don’t usually appreciate sex scenes.

Helena is the kind of person (former person?) you love to hate and laugh at as you anticipate her next crazy hijinks. And, as always, she comes through in the end to save the day.

Johanna Parker does a terrific job of narrating the book. I love the sound of her voice and the way she reads the parts of the characters. She seems the ideal person to narrate this book.

Resurrection in Mudbug is a fun, well-written book. It seems to mark a change in DeLeon’s writing that I noticed in Later Gator, her ninth Miss Fortune novel. The books seem to change tone in becoming more family – friendly.  While the Miss Fortune books have no sex in them, they do have a lot of bad language. And that book made a similar shift in cutting out the bad language, just as this book cut it back, if not all the way out. And it shows love without sex, which I appreciate. The book is a whole lot of fun and now that it is PG, maybe on the verge of PG-13, it is even more fun than ever! I give it five stars!

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