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Mission ImpawsibleThe Sugar Maple Inn in Wagtail is hosting an Animal Attraction dating week that matches couples based upon their pets’ interests. The event proves to be popular, when Holly finds out that her grandmother has entered her into the event against her wishes. When the man matched to her talks her into going out with him, they find the body of a man whose only identification is a letter from Holly’s Oma (Grandma) naming him as the man who never showed up that night. Imagine everyone’s amazement when, the next day, a man arrives  at the inn giving his name as the one they have assumed to be the dead man’s. It turns out the real man was mugged the night before and all his papers stolen. He arrived late because he’d spent the night in the hospital.

At this point, even more bodies start turning up. The match-maker hired for the event has learned the use of tricks to team up couples and has developed a theory regarding animals’ use of their olfactory senses to help their humans find a mate. Butt it seems that animals use their olfactory senses for more than just that, as every body gets discovered by Trixie, Holly’s Jack Russell terrier. 

The book is a real delight to enjoy. In a day when I really needed a lift, this book gave me a smile. I love the dynamics of the animals and their humans. The pair of mothers who team up to go undercover to watch their daughters is a real hoot, with their disguises and the Mission: Impossible TV show theme. The one character I missed though was Holly’s childhood friend, Holmes, who, though engaged, has a special connection with Holly that makes us root for him to end up with her.

Elise Arsenault reads the audio version of this book. Her voice suits the narration and delights the audience. She really enhances the listening experience.

Mission Impawsible has proven to be a great addition to a fun series. I really hope that the fifth book in the series comes out soon. I give this book five stars!

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