A Question about an Historic Spanish Mission in “Mission to Murder”


Mission to MurderIn Mission to Murder by Lynn Cahoon, Jill Gardner has found an old partially torn down wall at the back of the property she inherited in Guidebook to Murder. Believing this wall to be part of the original Spanish mission in her region of California, Jill has been fighting to get recognition for the wall as a historical relic and thus a protected location. But Craig Morgan, owner of the major tourist location The Castle, which seems to be modeled after Hearst Castle, is fighting tooth and nail to keep Jill from getting the wall certified because it would share with Jill some of the funds for historical restoration that he has enjoyed exclusively.

When Morgan is found dead at the Castle soon after, Jill becomes the chief suspect. Fortunately for her, she is dating the police detective of her small town, and he refuses to follow the angry orders of the mayor, who really does not like Jill, to arrest her, pointing out that she has had no opportunity to vomit the crime. This leads to drama

In the meantime, Jill’s aunt, who has moved to South Cove to manage Jill’s coffee and book shop, has been having fun with a planned mysterious unveiling of a new book by a mystery writer whom she refuses to name. And Jill and Greg, her policeman boyfriend, move things forward even further in theur relationship.

This book is performed by one of my favorite narrators, Susan Boyce. I first met her in Jenn McKinlay’s cupcake series and came to love the energy and joy she brings to the performance. But in this series, Boyce tones down the energy to suit the style of the books and fits the narration of the book perfectly to the tone of the book. If I hadn’t seen that Boyce is the narrator, I probably would not even have recognized her.

I enjoyed Mission to Murder, but at times it got a little bit tiresome. It did feel as if Jill was being kept out of jail because of her connection to the police. The book was deserving of a 4, but future books have potential for a higher rating.

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