“A Scone to Die For” Is a Delightful Mystery in Oxford


A Scone to Die ForIf I were to do a study abroad, my top choices would be the colleges at Oxford, so A Scone to Die For by H.Y. Hanna, set just outside Oxford, gives a little tour of this academic paradise. Gemma Rose has returned after eight years climbing the corporate ladder in Australia when she sells up everything and returns home to Oxford to open up a tea shop with the best pastries in the area. An American shows up for tea and lives true to the American boorish reputation, holding against Gemma and her shop the fact that the cook’s cat, Muesli, showed up in the dining room, a violation of heath laws. Gemma sees him have an altercation with a man at the local bar too. The next morning, Gemma shows up at her cafe, only to find the American, a medical researcher named Brad Washington, dead, with a scone stuffed into his mouth.

Discovering that the murder has kept clients away from the cafe, Gemma decides she must investigate for het own financial good, and this brings her together with the first and only real love of her life, now Detective Inspector Devlin O’Connor. She explores the world of academic Oxford, connecting with a fun team of four old women and some old friends until she finds the killer.

This book is a delightful book with a fun setting in the world of academia. I enjoyed the investigation along with the fun characters. Gemma’s mother is so anxious ti get her daughter married off that she keeps setting her up with dates, usually disastrous. And I really enjoyed exploring the world of Oxford through Gemma’s eyes.

Pearl Hewitt seems an ideal narrator for cozy mysteries. Her gentle voice delights and keeps the book from getting too intense. I really appreciate the job she does with this book.

I picked up A Scone to Die For on a whim and am very glad I did. I got a fun mystery which also satisfied my academic love. But even those people who don’t care anything about the world of studies and college will still connect to this enjoyable book. I give it five stars.

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