Game of Thrones Season 7 – Introductions and Lessons


Game of Thrones Season 7 kicked off on HBO last Sunday with LOADS of the same characters, an Ed Sheeran cameo AND some hints at the quarrels soon to come. Before we talk about what we saw here’s a little warning…


Whew, now that that’s out of the way here is what you have to look forward to in episode one…

Arya Stark is a badass

Most of us already knew this but the young Stark has really taken to being a master of many faces at the onset of season 7. Walder Frey, the man who brought us the “Red Wedding”, finally meets his end. Once the episode began I KNEW it was not Walder. He was GIVING his family his FINEST wine. He was SHARING a drink to the “Frey’s that counted”. Immediately I figured that Arya had a hand in this but I waited and watched as the Frey’s drank their wine. Alas, I was not disappointed. The Frey’s, having inadvertently been poisoned by the hand maiden’s passing out the drink, began bleeding from their facials orifices and fell dead on the same floor upon which Robert and Catelyn Stark met their doom. It was SO GRATIFYING to see the Freys’ demise. Once all were gone, Arya removed the face of Walder Stark and simply looked to his female companion then stated, “Whenever someone asks what happened here tell them ‘The North remembers’.”

Talk about an entrance and exit strategy. She made her way out of the Riverlands intent on taking down her prized target: Cersei Lannister. Oh! I mentioned the Ed Sheeran cameo. He bumps into Arya with a group of soldiers who are easing their worries with wine and talking around a fire about the unusual circumstances/reports from Riverrun. Irony much?

Dany Goes Home

Danaerys has had a rough bout in life. She’s was sold to a Dothraki Khal by her brother, she inadvertently caused the demise of her Khal and became the Mother of Dragons in the same turn, she has faced hordes of Dothraki, hordes of slavers and has come to understand that her road is going to be a difficult one to travel. Despite these obstacles something rather good happened to Dany in this episode: she made it HOME to Dragonstone. Her birthplace on Westeros and the abandoned Targaryen stronghold, Dragonstone, is Dany’s armys’ first stop towards obtaining the Iron Throne.

John and Sansa Disagree

John is ruling as King of North quite well. He is honorable, acknowledges that the Lannisters are A threat but not THE threat and is ready to put weapons in the hands of every man, woman and child that resides on Westeros. His fairness puts Sansa in a frustrating situation when he refuses to remove the remaining members of the families who betrayed North from their ancestral homes. Instead he asks their heirs to re-pledge their alliance to house Stark and all who live in the North. It’s all very dramatic and a flustered Sansa roams off which puts her right in the sights Littlefinger. His desires remain apparent and despite her disgust with him, Sansa knows his armies are needed in the war(s) to come.

Also…Brienne of Tarth gets hit on by the current leader of the Free Folk. It’s AWESOME.

The Hound and Sam Are in a Mess

These two do not appear together in any scene but both of them are having their worlds turned upside down. The Hound is traveling with the worshipers of the Lord of Light. They take shelter in an abandoned home and discover the residents have passed on. The Hound comments on the irony that he is traveling with fire worshipers. In this moment he is asked to gaze into the fire and reveal its meaning. Surprisingly, The Hound DOES see something. In fact, he sees the Ice Wall to the North and the dead approaching it. Talk about having a change of heart.

Sam, in the meantime, is stuck training to be a Maester while secretly attempting to gather intel on the White Walkers. He is left to putting books away, scrubbing chamber pots, emptying chamber pots, scrubbing them again, caring for sickly Maesters and…yep, putting more books away. During his chores he discovers a restricted section and steals the keys from a Maester in an effort to help John with his war. His theft turns out to be useful as he discovers where the largest pile of Dragon Glass (the glass that kills White Walkers) on an ancient map.

In summary: THIS EPISODE WAS WONDERFUL. The season definitely started on the right foot and I cannot wait to see what is in store for everyone.


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