Road Food is a Must Read for the Traveling Foodie

40 years ago Jane and Michael Stern set out across country and began to sample regional food favorites from all over United States. Now in the 10th edition, Road Food is a must have for folks who love to eat at new places when they travel. The book is divided into different segments of the United States, so if you’re planning a road trip to somewhere specific, you’ll be able to take a quick look and try a fantastic place.
As a Texan, I was thrilled to see that Blue Bonnet Cafe made the list. Let’s just say their pie is the stuff of dreams. There were even a handful of restaurants in my own area that I’d never even heard of. Let’s just say I’ve got a list prepared now for the “what’s for dinner” question.
If your type of travel guide is beautiful short prose about tasty food, grab yourself a copy of Road Food.

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