Bombs Away in “Lady Justice and the Avenging Angels”


Lady Justice and the Avenging AngelsWalt Williams returns from his honeymoon in Hawaii for another wild adventure, this time with a group of religious fundamentalist terrorists in Lady Justice and the Avenging Angels by Robert Thornhill. While adjusting to married life for the first time at the age of 67, Walt returns to his work as a police officer just as the Kansas City Gay Pride Parade is about to take place. Walt’s partner, Ox, named for his build, gets super hot under the strong sun and tries unsuccessfully to get something to drink from the tamale cart nearby and almost takes off his kevlar jacket to cool down. But then Walt and Ox get greeted by a pair of men they met in a previous case when they went undercover in a gay bar, and this saves their lives, as the tamale cart blows up, killing 70 and injuring over 300. Ox is saved by his vest, which incidentally also preserves the largest pieces of the bomb components, helping the bomb squad identify the way it worked.

Later that day a radio station gets an email with a biblical quote against men who lie with men, helping to identify the bomber as either a single fundamentalist or a church. When an 18-year-old young man gets blown up while manufacturing another bomb, they realize they are dealing with a group.

This book continues the fun of the series, though I was bothered by the excess amount of discussion of bodily functions in the book, which did get pretty crude at times.

George Kuch provides the narration for this book and continues to prove his storytelling skills with this. Most audiobook narrators appear to focus on the performance, but Kuch feels like he is sitting in the room with you and relating a story to you and you alone, which is the general style of the book.

Lady Justice and the Avenging Angels is a very funny read. The book has some creative characters and plot points and gave me pleasure in reading. I’ve given the previous books give stars, but this one gets only four because of the disgusting depictions of body parts and functions.

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