San Diego Comic Con 2017 Must Have: DOCTOR WHO Everything


BBC American will be returning to San Diego Comic Con 2017 with even more goodies. Some of these goodies definitely induces the need to sonic through the crowd to nab these exclusives!

Once the doors open, beeline it for BBC America Booth #4129.  This is just a small sample of what is available!


  • Doctor Who goes KAWAIIBBC American is jumping on the cute wagon with chibi anime  cute styles of the Doctors on hoodies, shirts, and mugs.

Kawaii T Shirt (S- XXL) : $25

Kawaii Hoodie (S- XXL): $50

Kawaii Mug : $15

  • Doctor Who and Rainbows

Rainbows and the TARDIS: double happiness!

Rainbow TARDIS Hoodie (S-XXL): $50

Rainbow TARDIA Baseball Tee (S- XXL) : $25


  • Doctor Who Jewelry debut


So hard to choose between the steampunk style Dalek earrings or the filigree TARDIS….so hard to choose!


Dalek and Gears Earrings and Necklace: $15/ $20

Bedazzled TARDIS necklace: $25

Sonic Screwdriver earrings and matching necklace: $15/$15



  • Of course, ALL OF THE FUNKOS! ($10)




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