Drama Both Criminal and Romantic in “That Touch of Ink”


That Touch of InkNine months after learning that her boyfriend lied to her that he was married in order to protect her from bad people in his life, That Touch of Ink by Diane Vallere, Madison Knight gets a $5,000 bill in the mail, which she realizes has come from Brad. Knowing that this bill is worth approximately $100,000, Madison makes an appointment with a numismatist to get it appraised and arrives just in time to find a dead man in the office. Calling Tex, the cop who helped her in the previous case, Madison has rather a panic attack and then agrees to go out to dinner with Brad when her ex calls her. Dinner soon turns into a series of conflicts at which Tex shows up and has a confrontation with Brad. At this point, Madison goes home to hide from the world.

But the world won’t let her get hidden. On her way home, someone tries to run her off the road. When she spots someone in her apartment, Madison takes off and walks to her interior design studio, where she spends the night.

From here, Madison is fully drawn into a serious case that seems to involve some really bad people. In the meantime, Brad wants her back and seems to behave as if he has rights to his ex-wife girlfriend, though he denies the “ex” part.

This book centers around the concept of the empowerment of a woman against powers of patriarchy that want to push her around in their various directions. Numerous men, especially Brad, are certain she has something they want, but instead of giving in, Madison fights back despite having been injured physically by tearing her ACL and even worse emotionally when Brad told her the lie that he was married. She has reestablished a life for herself and is determined to live independently.

The plot of the book had plenty of unique twists and leaves us wondering about the identity of several characters. Are they good guys or bad guys? And just how do they fit into the grand scheme of things?

I enjoyed the performance of Susie Berneis, whose voice adds just enough sense of intrigue to make the book come across as even more exciting. I look forward to hearing her narrate more books in the future.

That Touch of Ink is a very enjoyable book. Though it is the second book in a series, it isn’t really necessary to have read Pillow Stalk to appreciate this book. I give it five stars.

Disclaimer: I received this book for free from the publisher, but that in no way affects the content of my review.

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