Take a Sneak Peak at ‘Ready Player One’


Warner Brothers released a sneak peak trailer for Ready Player One at SDCC this week and it is amazing. There has been a certain amount of angst in the nerdverse regarding the adaptation of Ready Player One to film. Concerns have been voiced about getting the rights to some key properties used in the book that would be needed for the film.

From the trailer it looks like Warner Brothers did as good a job as anyone could. Plus setting part of the trailer to RUSH’s Tom Sawyer is pure artistry. An ‘80’s nerd book set to ‘80’s nerd music. It’s ‘80’s nerdvana.

The trailer opens zooming in on the stacks, which set the stage for a grim dystopia. Then the viwer gets to enter the Oasis through the eyes and experience of Wade Watts. The Oasis is magical. It’s Star Trek’s Holodeck realized in a dystopic future. Virtual reality for the masses, your reality is only as good as your bank account (kinda like today, only way more cool). The first thing we see is the Iron Giant. From there it is an unending stream of characters and objects that are familiar yet pass by in such numbers as to be impossible to identify them all without freezing the frames and looking carefully at them. I saw the Delorian, Freddy Kruger and I’m pretty sure I saw the tron motorcycle and a ninja (with the Iron Giant) that I should know but can’t place and it’s killing me!

I was already looking forward to this movie having read and loved the book. This sneak peak makes me even more excited about it. It looks like they are going to do it right.

Watch here and enjoy:


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