Power of the Dark Crystal #5


 These Power of the Dark Crystal comics just keep getting better and better. I was so happy to see Jen out and about in this episode, though truly he might not be able to save his world after neglecting it for so long.

In #5 of 12, we get to see Thurma on her own running from the gelfling army as well as being chased by a lone Skeksies, because that is always the way. There is always one who thinks he can save his people. We also get Kensho surrounded and valiantly not giving up. I appreciate his character more and more each issue. He really believes he is standing up for what is right, even going so far as to telling Jen that he has not done what he was supposed to. Jen was supposed to take care of the gelflings, but instead let corrupt politicians take over. I waned to stand up and clap for Kensho.

We also see Kira and Aughra who seems to be more stubborn, and if possible, more blind, than ever. Though her interesting in the flying blue beast, has my interest piqued as well. Even more so when the beautiful thing swept in and saved Kensho.

I can’t wait to see where this goes, to see if Kensho and Thurma get reunited. See if the shard does save Thurma’s world but kill the gelflings. I really think there is more to that prophecy than what Aughra says, because it really doesn’t makes sense, the crystal is a giver of life, not a taker.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, I am so glad we are getting these comics and the new show that will be( hopefully )coming soon. There is so much more to this world that we haven’t been privileged enough to see yet.


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