Animal Jam #2


 Okay, so the month of July has been weird. Aside from four blissful beach filled days, nothing has seemed to go right. This of course leads to us being late with this, the second issue of Animal Jam.  But we are trying to get back in the proper swing, so here it is, a little late but still written by Juliette, age 9.


So the comics  “Mine! All Mine!” and “Jungles of Jamaa”, like always, were great. The art was fantastic, the stories were great.  Now, I’ve heard that Animal Jam was planning on making comics, but I’m not sure if these are the comics that they were talking about. I’m almost 100% positive that these aren’t, but I’m not sure. Also I love playing Animal Jam, so I’m excited to see if the code works. The code, if it works, is worth 500 gems so…

Anyways the comics are awesome, the art is fantastic. But out of both of them the “ Jungles of Jamaa” was my favorite. Because of the story, of course. I also really like Greely. I didn’t really like the “Mine! All Mine” one though, mostly because of Peck, she is my least favorite alpha. In my opinion she is just really annoying. But, I mean, that’s just my opinion. The colors for the art was very good.  


Animal Jam #2 is available now, and like always, as a mom I would totally recommend this comic to anyone who has a budding comic reader kid or a fan of the Animal Jam game.


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