‘Firefly: Back From the Black” is a Charming Look at the Serenity Crew in Normal Life


If the crew of the Serenity made it back to “the Earth-that-Was,” how would they fare? The new book of illustrations by artist Joey Spiotto, Firefly: Back From the Black, treats Browncoats to a look at their favorite crew members living a somewhat normal life. Some of the most delightful adventures include Zoe and Wash at a museum looking at dinosaur skeletons. The exhibits name is “Sudden But Inevitable Betrayal.”  Inara teaches etiquette lessons, while Jayne dreams of marrying his gone Vera.  River and Simon dominate as hide-and-seek champions, and Kaylee finds herself embarrassed at realizing her dress looks like a cupcake display.

Spiotto’s illustrations are adorable and the book is delightfully charming. Firefly: Back From the Black is actually one of the best books I’ve received in the mail this year and I can’t praise it highly enough for fans of the series.

Firefly: Back From the Black is now available from Titan Books.



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