Game of Thrones Episode 3 Season 7


Another episode is only days away! GOT fans are getting riled with all the activity in this most recent season. We’ve seen more of the dragons in their full size (YAY), calm Dothraki (what?!), lots of sea side castles, a very resolute Jon Snow (woot), a very stubborn Dany (yep) AND we are getting glimpses of Bran’s transformation into the Three Eyed Raven (can anyone say Oracle?). Alright, let’s not keep you waiting. Here is a recap of Episode 3 from Season 7 of GOT.

Jon Loses his Boat

Jon Snow and Davos Seaworth arrive at Dragonstone to the greeting of Missandei and Tyrion Lannister. As they banter a group of Dothraki carry Jon’s boat away…and they don’t return it. You see, Jon, after being introduced to Daenerys, does not “bend the knee” which irks the rightful heir to the Iron Throne. Jon means no offense, he simply thinks the squabbling of nobles over the Iron Throne is child’s play when compared to the legions of dead amassed on the other side of the wall. After some conversational corrections by Tyrion, Dany sends Jon and Davos to explore the island while she receives news from Lord Varys regarding her Iron Fleet.

Dany Receives Bad News

Lord Varys informs Daenerys that Yara and Ellaria have fallen captive to Euron Greyjoy and his immense fleet of ships. To make matters worse, it appears that only a small number of Yara’s men survived which severely limits Dany’s control of the seas in Westeros.

Dany’s bad news is nothing compared to what Euron is doing to Yara, Ellaria and the last Sand Snake. He drags them through the streets of King’s Landing while angry mobs spit on them and throw junk in their faces. Yara takes this in stride by Ellaria is having none of it and fights back when she can. The journey through the city ends at the Iron Throne where Ellaria and her daughter are thrown to Cersei’s feet as the “gift” Euron promised in exchange for her hand in marriage. Cersei slyly states that proposals can wait for when the war is won and the crowds at King’s Landing cheer while Euron marches back out with Yara in tow.

Sansa Takes Care of Business & Sir Jorah is Cured

Sansa has taken her duty as Warden of the North seriously. She monitors the grains/food storage and notes changes will need to be made in order to feed the people, she makes notes on the accuracy of armor being made for her people and she even waves off the advances of Littlefinger without batting an eye. What Sansa NEVER expected, however, was to receive news of someone at the front gate for her. Someone whom she had not seen since season 1. Someone who had traveled beyond the wall and become stronger. Sansa finally reunites with her brother: Bran. She also discovers that he is not who she once knew him to be. He has knowledge of things that were and could be…he is now the Three Eyed Raven and Sansa could not be more confused.

While Sansa works out the new information Bran has given her we discover that the Maester whom Sam is an understudy to marks Sir Jorah as “cured”. Simply put: the infection, although present, is no longer active in his system and he appears to be recovering. Not a dumb man, the Maester asks Sam if he treated Sir Jorah to which Sam answers “Yes”. There is a moment where you worry for the Tarly…but that moment passes quickly and Sam realizes he has narrowly avoided expulsion. At least GOT fans get a chance to see Sir Jorah in action again…well, if he can make it back to Dany that is.

Dany Shows Compassion While Cersei Wreaks Havoc

The Red Priestess definitely brought Fire and Ice together with Dany and Jon. Both are proud, both are stubborn and both only want what’s best for their people. It’s this connection to the people, the land, that Tyrion uses to encourage Daenerys to extend the “olive branch”. He advises her that the Dragon Glass beneath them is worthless for her cause however; it could be the tipping point for gaining the strength of the North. As Dany and Jon connect, a rather devious plot unfolds at Casterly Rock…

The Unsullied arrive at Casterly Rock and, with the help of Tyrion, find that they are able to overtake the Lannister homestead. Grey Worm, despite the victory, knows SOMETHING is not right. He realizes that the army guarding Casterly Rock was far smaller than expected…perhaps there is another plot forming? Grey Worm could not be closer to the truth. His fleet is being burned and, at High Garden, the bulk of the Lannister forces have taken down all the Tyrell’s have left. With High Garden Cersei has the money she needs to fund her war. Jaime offers Olenna a way out with a quick, painless poison for her to drink.

Olenna consumes the poison without a second thought and, to Jaime’s horror, reveals that it was SHE who killed Joffrey. You see, she had never seen the poison work before and did not expect the drama that was his death. Her jeering smile says it all as Jaime turns in shame and leaves her to her doom. I’m gonna miss the Tyrells…Olenna was a really good strategist and this is going to deal a MASSIVE blow to Dany’s efforts.


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