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 Okay, let me preface this incoming rant with: I try really hard not to feed into gender stereotypes. I try not to feed into the feminism is good/bad argument. I try really hard to keep my emotions in check in the public sphere. But sometimes, sometimes I see something that I know I should ignore, but I just can’t. It is just so obviously coming from someone who knows nothing about what they speak of.

And then, then I saw this tweet. This tweet which someone else took a screenshot of and then blacked out the tweeter (because we don’t want to bother this person). I shall call this person, Idiot. Idiot says something so stupid, and I can’t not respond.

Cause, you see, my daughters are growing up in this world were people still think (people like Idiot) think that some things are boy things and some things are girl things and never the two shall meet. And yes, maybe this is true for some things, but not video games. Nope. I know this because as an 8 year old girl, I was playing Mario with my brother. And playing Echo with my aunt, and shouting at that same brother when he played Techmo Super Bowl and wouldn’t let me play. And I have two daughters who play video games all the time. Whether it is my 5 year old playing stuff on her tablet or my 9 year old playing Call of Duty with her dad, Minecraft with me, or Street Fighter with her uncle.  So you see, I know little girls play video games. And his comment of “Well I guess I missed the thousands of little girls playing videogames I guess” makes me wonder why he cares, and what kind of data he tried to collect. Did he ask little girls? Did he ask their parents? Or did he just assume that little girls only play with dolls? I mean that statement alone made me realize I should just scroll on by, but yet here I am. You know why? I write for a website full of women who play video games. We write about video games. We tell you guys about video games, because at one point we were all 8 year old little girls who loved video games.

I’m not the only FangirlNation contributor who took umbrage with this tweet, in fact we all talked about it a lot before I started writing this post.


“As a female gamer I am often nerd checked and it is utterly aggravating. I started gaming on the NES with Super Mario Bros and those awful joy stick controllers. Actually, I even played Atari with my Dad so I guess you could say I started on the grandfather of all consoles. I loved arcade games and often played Street Fighter, Galaga or PacMan in middle school. When the game consoles changed and better controllers meant better game play I started with the N64 (Mario Kart, Perfect Dark, James Bond, etc.) then moved on to the X Box (Halo mostly) and finally spent a lot of my high school days on the Playstation2 (Final Fantasy 7, Soul Calibur, Tomb Raider, etc.). Eventually I joined LAN parties with my brother and beat all the boys at their own game (they would offer me a head start, I would warn them not to, they’d insist and I would devastate them).

I am good in just about any game but I enjoy story lines that go on for more than one play through. Once X-Box360 was released and the PS3 overtook the PS2 my gaming life took off. I was playing the Batman games (Asylum/City), Mass Effect (1,2 & 3), Elder Scrolls (Oblivion/Skyrim with all the DLCs), The Last of Us, Tomb Raider, Borderlands (1,2 & TPS)…the list goes on and on. I recently played through Mass Effect Andromeda on X-Box One in 11 days with 100% completion. I beat Rise of Tomb Raider in 9.5 hours and I have played more Indie games (like Life is Strange or Ori and the Blind Forest) than I can recall. I often beat out my competitors (when I am challenged) and I enjoy the games so much that I now cosplay from them.

So yeah, I may be a “little girl playing games” but it sounds like this “little girl” kicked the pants off the grown men trying to shame her.”– Samantha Kitts


“I was raised in the woods by wild hippies. If I found a way to play video games as a child, it cannot be that uncommon.” — Mary Theresa Chessmar


” I was a 5 or 6 year old when I started playing video games.

What irritates the crap out of me is that this argument is used to explain why they aren’t making games for kids (Clementine in The Walking Dead wouldn’t count here) featuring young female characters.” — Katrina Keller


“My first game was Pokemon Red on my pink Gameboy Color. I was 9. AND NOW I AM 27 WITH A NEW 2DS XL AND STREET FIGHTER after years of being a tournament gamer and casual generalized game person.” — Amanda Conley


“So my 5yo playing roblox and minecraft must be DELUSIONS. ” — Kiki Marrteenahh


So you see, a whole website of women who played video games at a young age, still play video games, and have daughters who play video games. Where exactly are these thousands of girls this man has never seen?

PS- The featured image is a shirt I bought my daughter when she was 7 (she no longer fits it) because she had to have it cause she loved Minecraft and that meant she was a gamer. But girls don’t game…



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