Anno Dracula #5


 Well then. Anno Dracula is nothing if not weird. But a good kind of weird, amirite? The thing is, there is so many double crosses going on I’m not at all sure who is on who’s side.  But I guess that is what happens during a revolution, which is what these poor folks are trying to make happen.  By the end of this issue at least three of the Days of the Week group are dead, one of them wasn’t even real, just a forced hologram of a sort. And Penny is meeting with Dracula himself, not to mention being offered the role of one of his wives. I mean why would she turn that down? It all moved so fast. That is probably the only bad thing I have to say about this comic, it moves so fast and so much is happening that it can be hard to keep up.

That being said, one of  my favorite things about this comic is the way pop culture is brought in, how they use images and ideas from well known movies and books in new and fun ways. That being said, when Mr Vampire Walrus dude tossed this out, I literally lol’d. (My dog looked at me funny.)

 Yes, we do not approve of vampires that

The overall story here is a bit muddled, there are Count’s (with the awesome coat), and vampire water babies (yes, really), there are vampires made of light, and of course the walrus vampire. Then add in the mention of Mycroft Holmes near the end, and the still un known identity of the woman in black, and you are left with a serious case of “what the check is going on” but you still want more. And that is what makes this comic work so well. You want more.


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