A Funny Book of an Assassin Family in ” ‘Scuse Me While I Kill This Guy”


'Scuse Me while I Kill This Guy‘Scuse Me While I Kill This Guy by Leslie Langtry is a wild romp through the world of a family of assassins that has been working in their career field for 3,000 years. Virginia “Ginny” Bombay is alarmed to get an “invitation” (read: order) to a family reunion. Usually they meet only twice a decade, but this is only one year since the last reunion. But Ginny has little time to worry about that because she gets an order to do a hit on a local man, and it must be before the reunion in two weeks. Then one day Ginny runs into an Australian stranger while looking at a book on weapons, so to give an excuse for her curious reading material, she tells Diego that she is a bodyguard, only to have him respond that he too is a bodyguard! Soon Ginny has a romance for the first time since her husband died of cancer several years earlier, leaving her a single mother to Romi, now five and of age to have to take the family blood oath and begin her training to be an assassin herself.

Life goes on as Ginny tries to lead as normal a life as a typical soccer mom while also planning a hit to make it look like a natural death. She also works to keep her relationship with Diego strong in the midst of all. Further, she has this upcoming reunion and her daughter’s initiation into the world of the assassins to worry about.

This book is very delightful to read. One might think that the topic of an assassin family would be gruesome or macabre, but this book makes fun of the topic to give us readers a good laugh. I particularly enjoyed the parts describing the various forms of weapons Ginny devised to kill while making the death look natural.

I really enjoyed this book and hope that someday it will be recorded in an audio recording. I give it five stars!

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'Scuse Me while I Kill This Guy
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