World War Tank Girl #4


 Where do I even start? World War Tank Girl #4 opens with a bunch of swears. A mention of the Mongol Horde. It’s the last of the arc and it pulls no punches. It’s effing awesome!!!

This whole arc has been amusing, and has lead back to older arcs; Two Girls, One Tank, Tank Girl Gold and then the beginning of this arc. And it does it firmly tongue in cheek (it tells you throughout this issue which ones you should read). It’s just….it’s everything I love about Tank Girl and have since I was a kid.

In this final issue we get a conclusion that makes sense, in a way, although a desert island isn’t really where I picture Tank Girl, not that much trouble for her to get into. But the landing naked in the middle of the Australian desert surrounded by another army, yeah that’s the Tank Girl I know.  And she has everyone with her. And it’s with everyone that she is able to get out of trouble and land on that desert island. Well, everyone and an old lady named Agnes.

I think what I love most about her and her stories is that as balls to the wall as it all is, it basically boils down to ‘she is who she is and she fights to stay that way’. Which let me tell you, speaks to my soul.

So, I want you to all read Tank Girl, fall in love with her. Laugh at her shenanigans, be shocked at how naked she is at the most inopportune times, and join her gang. The family she deserves and are just as twisted as she is.

5 stolen Nazi Golden Stars from me to you.


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