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Candidate for MurderAs Candidate for Murder by Lauren Carr opens, David O’Callaghan, the police chief of Spencer, Maryland gets really fed up with the poor quality of the two candidates for mayor, so in a protest, he signs up his half-brother’s German shepherd, Gnarly, to run as an independent against the two. This infuriates the candidates and political parties, especially when Gnarly quickly overtakes the other two candidates, reaching almost 50%, while the other two candidates hover around 17%. In the meantime, Mac Faraday, Gnarly’s owner and the ostensible star of the series, ends up in the hospital and can’t participate in the scheduled mayoral debate, so the assistant police chief takes over and does a great job until the so-called journalist moderating the debate with obvious bias toward Nancy Braxton throws in a bombshell. She makes the claim that Gnarly, a former army sergeant, murdered his handler, and because the details are classified, no one can fact- check this. So the friends of Gnarly set out to clear Gnarly’s name and solve some cold cases that keep popping up, as well as a couple of hot cases too.

This book was very entertaining, especially with all the satire about politics and human nature. It seems to have been released with appropriate timing despite the disclaimer at the start that everything is entirely fictional. I laughed throughout the course of the book and became somber other times, especially realizing how close to reality many of these situations may be.

This is the first Mac Faraday book I’ve read. I once tried to listen to Kill and Run by Carr but found it too dark and intense. But I decided to give this one a try, and I enjoyed it a lot. My only problem relates to the fact that this is book 12 in the series, and it expects readers to have an understanding of previous books. The book contains a lot of characters that become confusing at times, especially because many names are unisex or seem like men’s names given to female characters, such as Dallas and Archie. Further, the book details several plot lines, and I got confused periodically. I think this series is much better to read in order.

C.J. McAllister does an excellent job of performing the narration of the book. He makes it lively and fun, keeping the book fast-moving and, in my opinion, likely to be more effective on audio than by reading it visually.

For starting with the 12th book in the series, I appreciated Candidate for Murder and definitely plan to go back to the first book now to see how everyone got to where they are now. It will be interesting to see how I review the book after I have listened to the first 11 books. At this time I give the book four stars.

I started with book 12 instead of 1 because I was given a free copy of this book. But that in no way influenced the content or nature of my review.

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