Image Brings on the Horror in The Gravediggers Union


Cover for the Upcoming The Gravediggers UnionCome November 1, writer Wes Crage (Deadly Class) and artist Toby Cypress (Omega Men) are bringing some undead horrors (and space monkeys. Never forget the space monkeys) to the comics scene. Craig writes, “With The Gravediggers Union, I tried to create an environmental horror story that mixes E.C Comics, H.P. Lovecraft’s horror, and a lot of dark humour,” said Craig.

Cypress further describes The Grave Diggers Union as “A Ghostbusters for a hopeless age of digital social graveyards, bloodsucking brand awareness, trolling zombie followers, and creeping death landfills.”

The Gravediggers Union is the story of Cole, Ortiz, and Haley, three members of a brotherhood who bury the dead in the day and make sure they stay buried at night. The supernatural world has gone haywire, and it’s all tied to a powerful cult called The Black Temple. They want to unleash ancient dark gods and bring about the end of mankind. At the centre of their plan is Morgan, prophet of the coming apocalypse and Cole’s estranged daughter. Can Cole save his daughter? Can the Gravediggers save mankind? And do we even deserve to be saved?

The book sounds just strange enough to be worth reading, and just scary enough to be daunting. I’ll be giving it a try though. How about you? Want some zombies and flying monkeys?


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