Quince #8-9: A Mother and Son Review


Quince #8 CoverThe Steinkellners and Kadlecik have once again created two enjoyable and humorous issues in Quince 8 and 9. In the eighth issue, Lupe´s family ambushes her in her room at 1a.m. and her mom asks her why she is out of her room at that hour of the night. Is she on drugs? Hearing noise, Lupe´s grandma arrives on the scene and advises Lupe it is time to reveal her secret, that she is a superhero. Faced with the disbelieving stares of her family, Lupe decides to prove her power the next night, inviting her family to watch as she yet again saves the day.

Happily, at the end of the chapter, after saving multiple people and pets from a fire, Lupe gets to go to the homecoming at her school and dance to her favorite song with the guy of her dreams.

Dreams are short-lived however, and in issue 9, to her dismay, her family instantly becomes over-involved in her superhero life. Her mom worries, her little sister gives fashion advice (favoring revealing clothes), and her father and brother both want to analyze and improve her work. Lupe discovers that having all her family´s attention is a smother-fest and is relived to return to school.

Quince #9 CoverSchool doesn´t help, though, because the morning of the students´ return is marred by unidentified green gooey graffiti on the walls. Lupe is struck by the thought that perhaps she is not the only student with superpowers.

As in previous chapters of Quince, the art and storyline work well together to enhance the humor. Facial expressions and body language create laugh-aloud moments as the plot unfolds.


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