The Joker and Harley and my thoughts


So, there has been a plethora of news about The Joker in the past few days.  So much that it is almost hard to keep up. First we hear that Martin Scorsese, the Martin Scorsese, is directing a Joker movie but not one with the new Jared Leto Joker? See post from Deadline Hollywood.

Then we hear that they are making another Joker movie, this time with the Jared Leto Joker, and it’s a romance with him and Harley Quinn? See post from Variety calling it a “criminal love story.”

Criminal love story…now those are words that are fun to play with. (and I will, in a bit) But first, let me just share the glaring, overwhelming thing about these announcements…..

Now, I love comic book movies. I love Marvel and while some people (not I) think they have made a few missteps in their line ups, they have nothing on the mess that is the DCEU.  I haven’t liked a Batman movie since Micheal Keaton. I did enjoy Superman with Cavill, but probably mostly cause I love Amy Adams. And I watched the messes that are BvS and Suicide Squad (which could have been great if it wasn’t just so bad) (No lie, I could have watched 2 hours of Harley, Deadshot and Captain Stick Up His Butt.  Not sure what that says about me, but whatevs)

But now they have Wonder Woman, which if I’m thinking correct is one of the highest grossing movies ever or something like that (over 800 million according to this article) So why, WHY are we getting not one but two different Joker movies (one is a series) and one with the express purpose of trying to further convince people that Harley and the Joker have this epic love story?

Ah, that last bit, that’s a big one, amirite?

Because as well know, the Joker and Harley isn’t a love story, I would know. I write love stories. (Or I did, back when I first started writing) No, they are some twisted Stockholm syndrome, deranged symbiotic relationship.  The Joker took a perfectly sane, smart, doctor and turned her insane. Then he used her to further his wants and needs. We all know this, it’s canon.  So why do we keep getting sold this as a love story? Why?

I don’t get it. And let me tell you, as a mom of two girls, I struggle with this. Because they like Harley, or what I’ve let them see of her. But do I want them to idolize her? A strong women who was broken to that point? Do I want them to look at the Joker and Harley and be like, “hey that’s a stable loving relationship”? No, I don’t. But again, as a writer, I know that fiction is fiction and if you can’t tell the difference between that and real life, than you’re already screwed. Right?

As a mom, as a fan, as a loud proponent of non censorship (do not get me started), where do I stand on whether this is right? On what kind of message this sends to our girls. Because as much as I want to say “hey, it’s fiction,” we all know how kids learn from things they see.

So this is me, a big mess of contradictory thoughts, sitting over here wishing for more Wonder Woman and less Joker.


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