Saboten Con – Years in Review


Saboten Con 2017 is well on its way to going on live over the Labor Day Weekend. This year celebrates TEN YEARS as one of Arizona’s ELITE Anime Conventions. To help celebrate a decade of incredible J-Pop Culture content we at FGN have decided to review some of our favorite moments from the Saboten Con’s we’ve attended in years past…

2014 – Initiation to the Sabo Horde

This was the first year that I attended Saboten Con. This was the first time that I ran a panel at an anime convention as a matter of fact…it was the FIRST anime convention I had ever attended. I was a bit hyper critical about whether or not I would participate in this event again as I was unfamiliar with the programming and social norms for anime events however; I am glad that I decided to forgo my experiences from 2014 and pursue this convention in the years that followed. Although this particular year did not wow me it was a great preview of the wonderful experiences I would have in the Saboten Con’s that followed.

2015 – The Move to Down Town

Greg Fennel, Owner of Monkey Paw Entertainment (the company that runs Saboten), decided it was time he leave the Renaissance Hotel in Glendale and head over to Down Town Phoenix – the epicenter of all things geeky in AZ. This was a fantastic move as it made it FAR easier for me to coordinate meetups with friends, cosplayers and panelists. This year I hosted more panels, participated in my first group cosplay competition for an anime genre AND discovered the glory of a full air conditioned convention (despite being in a desert many conventions still host out door activities in the peak of summer temperatures). The guests were elevated this, the attendees numerous and my overall experience was so inspiring that I officially placed this convention on my list of favorites.

2016 – Hotel Stake Out

2016 was the year of panels, competitions and photo shoots. With SO MUCH going on I finally grabbed a room at the Down Town Phoenix Sheraton (where Saboten Con is hosted) with some friends and could not have been happier. Pretty much ALL of our neighbors were attending the convention so we had a great time chatting with one another. The elevators, albeit slow, were clean and always smelled nice (this may sound weird but I have been to so many conventions a this point that an air conditioned, well groomed elevator is rare). Lady Beard performed several times over the weekend (HE IS AMAZING) and Kazha returned for another series of soothing performances. The location of this convention is smack dab in the middle of a plethora of restaurants, bars and cafes. Parking options in the vicinity were plentiful and crowd management was AMAZING. They also expanded their exhibitor hall to include a multitude of Japanese Pop Culture products. In summary – 2016 sealed the deal that I would be attending this convention until decrepitude makes it impossible.

Ok…to wrap this up I have some advice…


You still have time!

As always FAN GIRL ON!


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