Quince #10 & 11: A Mother & Son Review


Quince #10 CoverThe tension and danger in Lupe´s superhero life increase in Quince #10 and #11 as Lupe faces the new challenge of encountering another student with super powers. Instead of using his powers for good, this student decides to terrorize the others at his school, seeking revenge for years of mistreatment from his fellow students. Claiming to be an antihero, he paints threatening messages on the school walls. When Lupe confronts this student, both he and she discover each other´s identity. Stopping the revenge of the “antihero” is not going to be easy for Lupe (even though her boyfriend has all confidence in her), because the super villain appears to have more powers than she does. Still, Lupe is determined to put an end to the terrorizing, and, in the last scene of Quince #11, she drops an ultimatum on the super villain´s desk.

While Lupe´s life takes a more difficult turn, the humor and light-heartedness continue throughout. Neither of the new issues feels overly frightening or serious, even as Lupe faces the challenge of saving the school and her fellow students. Readers, young and older, can still enjoy the story, as my son and I do each time we sit down to read them together.


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